Meet the Team

Our Team 1

Mike Feo

Our Team 2

Jeff R. Wolff, LLC

Vice President of Pre-Construction
Our Team 3

James P. Hartz, LLC

Vice President of Operations
Our Team 4

Ronald “Bo” LaScala, LLC

Director of Field Operations & Project Manager
Our Team 5

Nathan T. Sohn

Our Team 6

Kurt Miller

Assistant Field Operations Director
Our Team 7

Chris LaScala

Estimator Division 7
Our Team 8

Dennis Leicht

Chief Estimator & Project Manager
Our Team 9

Echtra Thomas

Chief Morale Officer/ Office Mascot
Our Team 10

Mike Donmoyer

Director of Safety
Our Team 11

Morgan Thomas

Associate Estimator & Project Manager
Our Team 12

Antony Matey

Director of Division 7
Our Team 13

Vic Padilla

Director of Human Resources
Our Team 14

Top Row, Left to Right: Mike Donmoyer, Bo LaScala, Paul Irvin, Jim Hartz, Denny Leicht, Chris LaScala, Vic Padilla, Kurt Miller.

Bottom Row, Left to Right: Jeff Wolff, Morgan Thomas, Echtra, Nathan Sohn, Mike Feo, and Antony Matey.